Specialty Leasing

                              Create cart, RMU, kiosk,                                 income enhancement                                    and pop-up store                                            opportunities for                                              shopping centers, cities,                                transportation hubs, and airports. Strategically plan short-term and long-term goals and objectives. Create an operating budget for revenue and expenses; start-up budget; reforecasts as needed. Site analysis, unit type and quantity determination, image planning, collateral marketing, and advertising, recruitment, training, and managing of on-site specialty retail staff. Common area unit design including oversight of the process through delivery and installation. Documentation including the following: lease agreements, tenant handbook, sales, and income reports, visual merchandising guidelines, and rules and regulations.


                               Determining the best

                               local, regional, national,                                 and international                                             merchants and brands                                   for every project.                                             Canvassing local, regional, and national merchants from trade shows, fairs, and artisanal events. Negotiating a win-win opportunity with each deal, maximizing revenue, and developing retailers and relationships. Representing clients at national conferences and events.


                              Ongoing oversight of                                      specialty leasing                                            programs. Full Services                                  administration, reporting,                                staffing, and                                                    organization and all commercialization opportunities at each location. New tenant guidance and retail training. Training Programs for merchants. Assistance with rent and sales.


                              PRI offers specialty retail                                consulting to shopping                                  centers, lifestyle centers,                                entertainment centers                                    and transportation hubs                                  for program leasing, merchandising, expansion planning, direction and staffing. PRI will evaluate each location and determine how to maximize potential revenue for the asset. PRI will train staff, management and merchants to allow for continued growth and development.

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